Meet the Wondermakers - Interview with Wes Samways

02 February 2020

Ever wondered what our wondermakers get up to in the wonderlab? Here's a quick catch up with one of the team to give you an insight into their world

Wes joined Digital Wonderlab during 2021 to support the Marketing team and to ensure the world are kept up to date with all the amazing projects delivered by our amazing team (or Wondermakers!).

It's about time we caught up with Wes to see where Digital Marketers come from...


Tell us a bit more about you, your career path and what your role is at Digital Wonderlab?

Unusually, I started my career in sales but quickly realised that the technology side of the sales process was of more interest to me than being shot down over the phone whilst selling database services. From there I have worked in many varied commercial and retail focussed organisations.

Starting in the traditional world of trade shows and print advertising, I have progressed into digital advertising and website promotion acquiring many supporting skills along the way.


Why, when and how did you get interested in Marketing

While working for a financial software company in north Bristol, I was presented with an opportunity to join the marketing team while I studied for a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification. Since then, as has the marketing world itself, I have now progressed toward the digital side, training and practicing in digital advertising, website development and optimisation.

I find the digital world fascinating on the whole but the more people's lives have moved to become more 'online' so too has the environment of the Marketer and I enjoy being part of the nuts and bolts of the many systems which shape our lives and deliver content and services to us.


Tell us about your approach to a project?

As a marketer, every project you embark on is grounded by significant planning and objective setting, after all, there's little point setting off without know where you’re going! (my fundamental approach to anything is to fully understand which direction your headed BEFORE you set off)


What software tools could you not do without?

Data is one of the biggest elements of my role and if your not seeing lots of it, somethings not right! (or you haven’t switched something on!) 

I've always found the two fundamental programs I use regularly are MS Excel and Google Analytics. Excel is still one of the most popular data analysing tools around with over 705 million users globally (last time I read the stat!) and it's simply great at interrogating data!

The Google analytics tool is gradually falling victim to the many privacy controls coming into force but even still it is a great source of website performance data and an essential tool for any marketer.


What’s your favourite bit of tech that you cannot live without?

Kinda predictable but it would have to be the MacBook Pro, they are fast, reliable, and the UI is great wherever you look. I do feel like they 'dumb down' computers for me a little but if it leaves me to focus on work (or life) rather than hunting for print drivers or remembering wifi passwords, I'm afraid it gets my vote!