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Barbara Grey

Director of Income Generation & Communication

It was very apparent that Digital Wonderlab understood the world of charity and our needs – they just get it. We drew up a wish list of solutions, but the main thing was that they understand the charity perspective.

They know that we have limited funding for these types of projects, because it’s our supporters’ money that is paying for projects like these, and they’re very mindful of that. When we went through the wish list together, Digital Wonderlab were very good at coming up with alternative solutions that were within our budget, but that achieved the same objectives.

Tracey Gurr

Communications Director

Our objective was clear: we needed to find a way to encapsulate 23 years of history, borne out of tragedy, and transform this into a charity suited to the needs of the 21st century. We have achieved exactly that working with the team at digital wonderlab.

Rachel Morgan

Head of Income Generation

Digital Wonderlab took time to understand who we are and where we needed to be; we are a small charity and didn’t think such a project would be achievable. They were able to help us see the possibilities and talked to us in a way that made sense – they have incredible experience in technology transformation and always put people at the centre of what we were doing. A great blend of strategic thinking and the practicalities around how this would work for us.

Gary Williams


Finding the right partner to digitally enable your charity’s future is so fundamental – and we were fortunate to work with Digital Wonderlab. The conversation began as we needed a new corporate website, as well as improvements to our BSL advice line - something which would look great but also offer far more functionality



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Wonder Developer

Creating something that not only was fun but had a great cause behind it simply makes you want to do more.  There are points in my job doing great work is simply awesome