Put on your Wonder Glasses, and see the world through new lenses


People are at the forefront of what we do, we work with you to solve problems by focusing upon the purpose and outcomes. 


We are more than just a web design agency, or app developers - although we really do know a thing or two about them.


We enable you to do more, engage better, go faster and be bolder

Making a digital impact

Our expert agile methodology is tried and tested, but never looks the same. It’s about framing your problem and experimenting with ideas whilst removing risk and taking the whole team on a journey to see new digital possibilities.  Exploring new creative spaces and building functionally rich user experiences that realise your goals.  All the while allowing your solution to continually evolve through testing and user feedback. 

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From coffee to business idea to solution

No matter the size and shape of your organisation, for us every solution is firmly grounded in understanding your users, your processes in order to deliver what you need from technology.

We blend business strategy, creative design and technology to form a seamless solution that drives huge impact and delivers your objectives.  We focus on learning, experimenting and proving what is possible, and positively challenging assumptions to ensure the solution will deliver for you.  

We focus upon delivering value and quality - ensuring we move fast, getting you and your end users in front of the new solution so we can learn and understand, test and gain feedback. This allows the prototypes to develop into a minimal viable product (MVP) ready for release.  

We always aim to do the right thing, even if it means we step off the path to defy convention because we can see things that others can’t.

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Values are more than just words

Our values based approach is how we see the world, do business and ensure we stay true to ourselves and each other. They define our character and our behaviours as well as help guide our actions and make decisions.


Eyes Wide Open

We ask why, we're interested, open minded, and curious. We ask questions, unpack beliefs and agree what will be needed for us to work well together.

Challenge With Confidence

We challenge ourselves, and each other. We challenge limiting assumptions. We build trust with each other when we ask what the needs are, how we can help and take responsibility to make the right things happen.

Make Space To Create

We create space to breathe, share ideas, and explore how they will come to life. We make breathing space for creativity and joy.

Craft With Purpose

We believe the real beauty of craft is when it makes a difference and brings into existence something more considered, fit for purpose, which will stand the test of time.


The mix of talent we have makes the magic happen through technology

Our Wonder Workers believe in making our “lab” a purposeful place to work – we put our visionary specs on which enables us to think big and with depth, don our colourful lab coat ready to get playfully creative whilst cracking intricate code and solving problems to deliver magic through seamless technology solutions.

Its about experimenting using quality ingredients to develop the exact concoction of elements needed to reach digital eureka, providing real bang for buck!

We are the Boy or Girl Wonder to your Batman, we just tend to wear our glasses rather than our eye masks!


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Alec Quinton

Founder Quinton Davies

Having known Nathan and Digital Wonderlab for several years, we are comfortable with the ethics the business is based upon – technology with purpose! This was important to us as we operate within the IT sector and rely very much on sound knowledge and experience.

Alison Ettridge

Founder and CEO Talent Intuition

Digital Wonderlab are flexible, committed and invested in the business. We really like that we have a partner for the longer term and the UX journey we went through with them was great. They created a solution by looking at the business problem they needed to solve, and they really challenged us.

Rachel Morgan

Head of Income Generation Cerebral Palsy Cymru

Digital Wonderlab took time to understand who we are and where we needed to be; we are a small charity and didn’t think such a project would be achievable. They were able to help us see the possibilities and talked to us in a way that made sense.

Carrie Green

Finance and IT Director Charlie Waller Trust

Digital Wonderlab just get the world of a mental health charity, and how we work. I always felt that the team had our back and provided a safe pair of hands throughout the process. 

Barbara Grey

Director of Income Generation & Communication Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Digital Wonderlab understood the world of charity and our needs. We drew up a wish list of solutions, but the main thing was that they understand the charity perspective. They know that we have limited funding for these types of projects, because it’s our supporters’ money that is paying for projects like these.