Nothing happens in our digital world without people, we are powered by them!

The chemistry is all important and our amazingly experienced wonder workers are packed full of it. We have the balance of knowledge, skills, and personality to create the right team to compliment your needs – from thinkers who help you see, architects who make the impossible become possible, to creatives who bring ideas to life and builders who make it all happen.

“Once upon a time, A Strategist met a Developer, who knew a good Creative….and they built a team of people who have a passion to work with others to make technology with purpose - to solve problems by catapulting an idea through the digital wonderlab of possibility. And bring it to life to make a difference to lives.”

Nice little story! And its just the beginning of our digital future

From Strategists, User Experience Specialists, Digital Designers, Front End Developers, Back End Developers, Full Stack Developers, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Business Development and Marketing, plus the Chief Office Dog - our ecosystem is based upon a diverse set of characters who bring many talents and result in an energised team full of values and hope.

We are always looking for the bright sparks out there who can help us build a better future - one project at a time.  

Our world is working with people full of great ideas

We help you to sculpt your thoughts into solid plans and work with you to deliver with excellence. We are known for our love of experimentation, passion for making a positive difference in the world and build a team who respect one another and help each other to develop and grow.


Tech for Good is at the heart of what we do

We firmly believe in being a force for good through technology.  We strive for fair and equal in our digital world, and purposefully set out to find projects which make a positive difference.  

Supporting our team to use technology to do more is fundamental, and we positively challenge our clients and each other to help make our communities a better place to live.  


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Wonder Coder

The chance to translate an idea from ‘how about this?’ to ‘look what we made’ is like nothing else. I love giving shape to a concept.


Wonder Designer

I thrive on creative challenges and love bringing tech to life with wonderful design. I’m passionate about creating solutions that benefit people and the world around us and enjoy seeing the long-lasting positive effects of my work.


Wonder Experience Designer

At digital wonderlab I am passionate about working seamlessly alongside our clients to understand their needs and those of the people they care about