Client: Alliance Pharmaceuticals

Discover how e-learning just got a whole lot more exciting by taking staff on a digital journey

Bringing gamification into the world of pharmacy to bring digital marketing alive.

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Staff training completed covering over

100 countries worldwide

Alliance Healthcare - Testimonial

Head of Global Marketing

We were looking for something really different to give the commercial teams the right tools and development options as part of the Marketing Excellence framework we are rolling out. Having the collaboration of MediaWorks and Digital Wonderlab to create a whole new way to learn has started to change that outlook

The brand story

"An alliance" of people and brands focused upon international healthcare

Alliance Pharma is a leading international healthcare business of interconnected people and brands, built around products that are clinically valuable to patients.

Working globally, Alliance needs to ensure that its brands, products and services are always marketed in a consistent and professional fashion. E-learning now plays a crucial role in the organisation’s ongoing commitment to quality marketing principles and sharing best practice.

The challenge

Alliance recognised the need for a global marketing initiative that would promote excellence internally and drive better brand management going forward.

Alliance has big growth plans for the future - and delivering a consistent digital marketing experience across the global business is essential to realising these plans. The organisation was looking for an interactive and engaging way to deliver global brand management education and support at scale, both for current staff and new starters.

After taking time to understand Alliance’s needs and internal culture, a bespoke gamification-led approach to e-learning was recommended to provide an immersive and memorable experience to internal learners. From our early conversations, it soon became clear that our creative solution should be presented through a sci-fi lens, with a bespoke concept that would both excite and motivate Alliance’s team to complete the essential marketing learning modules.

The solution

Upskilling through empowering educational platform and gamification

With an ‘eyes wide open' approach, always positively challenging to understand what’s most important to Alliance, we worked in an agile way to deliver a bespoke creative solution on a tight budget.

Working in close collaboration with digital marketing agency MediaWorks, we asked: how do you tell a strong story through e-learning, and deliver an experience that is truly engaging? These questions were the guiding principles throughout the collective creative development process.

Together, we have now built an e-learning platform that enables Alliance’s marketing department to educate and empower a global team with essential marketing knowledge. Yet this not your typical, bland, e-learning platform - far from it: it’s a virtual e-learning world (centred around main character A.L.L.I.C.E) that takes users on an engaging journey from module to module, using gamification making learning truly exciting.


‘Alliance City’ is the destination point for the e-learning: each user receives a special ‘Agent ID’ to begin their journey, where they can travel to different ‘quarters’ to access training - from learning about social insight and brand planning to audience experiences and eco-systems. Users are transported by animated trains - creatively designed by Digital wonderlab - to designated learning hubs all featuring engaging videos, resources and an online assessment to progress to the next learning stage.

From a design perspective, it’s a much more visual approach to e-learning: graphical elements are used to great effect, with striking transitions and animations between screens and music adding suspense and urgency for users, driving a feeling of internal competition to earn learning badges and advance through levels at pace.

This immersive world was first developed via a set of wireframes to explain the flow and demonstrate the transitions for users. Working collaboratively alongside MediaWorks, our software developer created the story that now lies at the heart of Alliance’s narrative-based learning platform, offering great creative interplay and bringing modules to life in a memorable way.


The result

Digital Marketing development for global brand teams

‘Alliance City’ is an immersive, gamified learning experience that does things very differently: it uses a highly creative digital approach to bolster the reach and impact of Alliance’s marketing department and help the organisation in its growth ambitions.

Built using Blazor, allowing for more rapid development and streamlined framework delivery, the end result is a very engaging front-end learning experience with extensive data-capturing possibilities for future implementation and development.

This is the first step in an exciting journey for Alliance, with the aim to build out and deliver even more engaging e-learning courses as part of the organisation’s ongoing commitment to marketing excellence.

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