Looking to place your brand in people's hands?

Imagine that you could deliver your product or service in a perfectly formed, controlled and streamlined app

Knowing the right App route for your business will ensure your organisation offers the best experience whilst satisfying your customers needs.

Discover 3 key things:

Level 1 - Awareness (Maturity Modelling)
Why you need an App and which type works best
What the future trends in Apps means for you


How you approach bringing your App to life


Their rise in popularity means your customer's will actively be looking for an App to solve their challenge.


Understanding the most efficient and effective approach is paramount to doing the right thing first time.

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Got an App idea, but not sure it's right.......

Getting clarity around what your organisational goals and your customer needs are will help you plan for success.

We have created a step by step guide for you to follow, ensuring you navigate the right journey from insights through to design and into development - getting you to where you want to be

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1. Define your business need

2. Know your market and customers

3. Experiment with your ideas

4. Determine your best approach

5. Define your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and roadmap

6. Develop your App

 7. Release and evolve

About the authors...

Nathan Baranowski - Digital Wonderlab
Nathan Baranowski

Chief Wondermaker and Head of Big Thinking, Tech Innovation & Solution Design at the Wonderlab of all things digital, Nathan is the lead data scientist and "Super Thinker" in the team



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