Harnessing 32,000 sources of data to deliver your strategy with the right resources in place

Crafting a way to join the dots in 6 seconds to build the right team in the optimum location to reach critical business goals 


Key features

  • Custom Platform Development
  • API and Big Data Management 
  • Data Analysis 
  • CTO services 
  • Managed Development and Scale Up

The brand story

A start up that aims to help businesses scale and grow through people

Stratigens was created in 2019 by market data provider Talent Intuition, working closely alongside us as their experienced technology partner. In fact our Chief Wondermaker is CTO!

The aim of Stratigens is simple: to change the way businesses deliver their strategy and achieve their goals through the lens of people. 

These essential people are not always easy to find, when and where you need them. Enabling business leaders to connect the dots between strategy, location and business continuity skills through data was our starting point. This foundation pointed them towards a tailor-made analytics platform, targeted at global corporations to meet their talent challenge head on.


The challenge


To create a digital solution as smart and intelligent as the idea

We like a challenge, and continually collating unbiased information from thousands of data points worldwide is a pretty tall task. Historically, research by various consultancy practices supporting businesses trying to bring a large amount of information together to make informed decisions could take days, weeks and even months. A time consuming and costly exercise!

As well as finding the information, we had to consider the user experience (UX) through data taxonomy – how the data would be classified and searched. And to make this research query possible to answer in six seconds, a task relying not only on web performance but also making this visually exciting!

This project was about looking at anticipated business outcomes and mapping typical journeys people using this platform would take to get what they needed.

We needed to create a solution to support commercial decision-making by offering user-friendly access to complex analytics; Big Data, as we like to call it.


The solution

A future-proof and accessible digital platform

Simplicity lies at the heart of Stratigens. Taking a truly collaborative approach, we carefully mapped out the user experience (UX) to make sure that the Stratigens platform was future-proofed and easily accessible for all.




As well as branding and building the platform itself, we also created three websites to support different aspects of the business. The app was created not only provide access to external data and analytics, all information is presented in a user-friendly format so you can save and share reports with colleagues. Therefore, design played a huge part in the team’s considerations throughout front end development.


The result

Instant information for HR directors and recruitment leaders

Talent research is big business. A lot of time and investment goes into producing reports, so an automated app that provides essential HR information really quickly is a sizeable step forward.

Stratigens offers a macro view; it allows decision-makers to easily pinpoint prime locations for expansion and market growth. It successfully launched following an eight-month consultation, design and build process. It was quickly adopted by a global aerospace and defence client, as well as a global FMCG business - providing HR directors and recruitment leaders with instant access to essential information at the tap of a button.

Multiple possibilities lie ahead for Stratigens, as a smart tool that can not only advise, but also predict, future talent movements while playing a crucial role in accelerating diversity. We continue to work with the team as a long term development partner, to enable their plans and ambitions as an invested shareholder and leading technology resource.


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