You want to develop your Digital Strategy to be fully customer focused, right?

Imagine a simple set of steps to enable you to focus on selecting the right technology to deliver your objectives.

Digital maturity modelling will ensure you realise your digital potential enabling you to directly respond to customer needs.  See where your business is positioned using our five-level evolutionary continuum from:

Level 1 - Awareness (Maturity Modelling)
Level 1 Awareness

You have taken the initial steps towards becoming a digital organisation.

Level 3 Responsive

You have systematically increased your digital maturity in competency, approach and use of enabling technologies.

Level 5 Leading

You are sector leading, delivering innovative customer experiences through high level insight and emerging technologies.

There is no question whether you need a digital presence in todays world, it's what your customers expect.


You've heard of a Digital Maturity model but what is it and will it help you? 

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Need a great digital strategy...

Knowing where you are positioned in your own maturity model will leave you perfectly placed to build your own digital strategy, we have created a step by step guide for you to follow, ensuring you select the right technology to meet your business objectives.

Download our eBook and in 5 steps we'll also show you how to understand where your business is positioned by creating your own digital maturity model then build your own digital strategy.

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1. How to understand your current digital landscape?

2. Define Your digital vision.

3. Explore the wider digital landscape.

4. Set strategic themes & ambition.

5. Deliver your digital ambition!

Learn how to use a Digital Maturity model

Using 6 high level areas called domains to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business will help you to identify the ingredients you need to focus on. our eBook will help you learn these key steps:

Maturity modelling - Customer


Core to any business is it's customers and an understanding of their needs and how you communicate with them.

Maturity modelling - Service Models

Service Models

Look at the delivery models your business is currently utilising.


Maturity modelling - Strategy


Ensure you have a vision in place and a strategy and supporting budget to get there.

Maturity modelling - Operations


Analyse your business analytics and understand the processes in place.


Maturity modelling - Culture


Key to understanding your maturity is to have a grasp on your capacity to embrace change.

Maturity modelling - Technology


Understanding your systems, and importantly, the infrastructure and security of your data


About the authors...

Deborah Fortescue - Digital Wonderlab
Deborah Fortescue

One of our Super Thinkers, Deborah is part of our strategic team who help to see what is possible for our business, as well as working alongside some of our key charity clients.


Nathan Baranowski - Digital Wonderlab
Nathan Baranowski

Chief Wondermaker and Head of Big Thinking, Tech Innovation & Solution Design at the Wonderlab of all things digital, Nathan is the lead data scientist and "Super Thinker" in the team